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Dust on the brain

Bjarke Ahlstrand scanner

We do a lot of high quality, high resolution scans on our Hasselblad X1 high end scanner. It undoubtably brings the best out of negatives (and postives), but the downsize is that all microscopic dust particles, scratches etc. also appear very sharp when you zoom in to 100%. Therefore Mikkel just did a small video to show how he does dust removal in Photoshop.  Dust on the brain -- dust removal on high resolution scans from bjarke ahlstrand on Vimeo.   The negative was shot on a Hasselblad Xpan with 45mm f4 on expired (1994!) Kodak Technical Pan film, rated...

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One Of Many Wedding Portraits

Jesper Bruus Pedersen

OOMC's Managing Dictator got married. Again. This time around he decided to ask Denmark's best photographers to interpret that special connection between the two star-crossed lovers reaching out to the beast with many names. The results were exhibited at Zeppelin, Copenhagen, on the wedding day, May 20, MMXVII on large prints. Here are the low resolution screen versions. Bjarke & Natalie I by Marko Rantanen70 x 88 cmToyo 810M 8x10” Field Camera + Voigtländer 240mm f3.5 Helomar + Fomapan 100Marko Rantanen (b. 1973) is a Finnish-born artist, specializing in both commercial and artistic photography, and video productions. Marko is a regular at OOMC, and...

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DX hacking

Theis Kofoed Hjorth

This weekend, one of our costumers (and fellow bearded viking) dropped by to stock up on film, for his trip to Mexico. We got to talking about film speeds, and I told him about how I love to rate Portra 160 as 100, and push Tri-X 400 to 1600. Unfortunatly, he had a point'n'shoot, where playing around with alternative ratings is impossible. Or is it?   I treat Portra 160 as 100, but develop it at standard timing. It's not pushing, it's simply overexposing. I do this because I love how the film opens up when exposured a little "too much"...

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